A tough cookie with a chewy middle


A tough cookie with a chewy middle

E i l e e n   A b a r r c a


A tough cookie with a chewy middle.

Pretty sure she invented feisty.

Straight shooter who rarely misses.

An artist with electric fingers.

Cute, but she might cut you.


Eileen Abarrca grew up in San Francisco and migrated south to pursue a degree in Philosophy from UCLA. After graduating with honors, she traded her books on Aristotle for books on Stanislavski and headed to New York where she received her M.F.A from The Actors Studio.

A native Spanish speaker and dual citizen of the U.S and Argentina, Eileen made her directorial debut with the award winning political documentary she penned, entitled Finding Mabel, about Argentina's 30,000 Desaparecidos.

Eileen now lives in sunny Santa Monica with her husband, his mustache, and their family of  desert succulents.